9 YouTube Channels That Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence

9 YouTube Channels That Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence

So you decided to bite the bullet and learn what all the fuss is about. You have decided to explore the world of the highly relevant topic of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence or AI has moved from the back rooms of researchers to the forefront of culture, and for a good reason too.

Perhaps you want to learn about AI for the sole purpose of morbid curiosity. Maybe you want to find a way to stop Skynet from taking over? Or, you are like a majority of readers eager to jump headfirst into the emerging AI workforce.

AI is on track to create well over 2 million new jobs by 2020. To begin your exploration into the world of AI you are going to need some great sources.

Though textbooks can be a great tool, YouTube has a fantastic, reliable, and highly educated community of artificial intelligence experts.

Ready to jump into the world of AI? Here are some of the best YouTube Channels for beginners and experts eager to learn more about artificial intelligence.

Siraj Raval

If you were ever bored on a Sunday evening and was looking for artificial intelligence videos on YouTube, you are sure to have come across the charismatic Siraj Raval. With well over 500K subscribers, Siraj’s channel is a great place to get your AI fix.

Siraj’s charm makes the world of AI not so scary, providing videos and video projects that are easy to do at home as well as very complex projects for testing your coding skills.

While you learn, the YouTuber conducts live coding sessions and dishes out machine learning challenges. Siraj will occasionally break out into song to add a little more entertainment to his videos. His passion for coding and AI is contagious.


For those who appreciate interactive lessons, this channel is for you. The host Harrison Kinsley conducts fun, and playful lessons for the AI challenged. Kinsley’s attention to detail to every project he presents to the audience ensures that you do not miss anything as you learn.

Brandon Rohrer

Brandon Rohrer’s channel is the perfect place to experience well thought-out tutorials. With the background as a data scientist at Facebook, Rohrer is able to break down convoluted ideas in the world of AI and present them into simple and easy to understand concepts.

Be sure to stop by if you are looking to move into the world of data science potentially.

The Artificial Intelligence Channel

Though not as big as some of the other YouTube channels on this list, The Artificial Intelligence Channel, is excellent for those who are curious about what thought leaders have to say about AI and its future roles in society.

Speakers on the channel tackle everything under the large umbrella of AI and much more including, technological singularity, transhumanism, anti-aging, synthetic biology, space exploration, technological unemployment, and basic income.

The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Understanding the role of AI in society and how artificial intelligence could tackle some of the problems people deal with every day are all important topics on your quest to become an AI engineer.

The goal of The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence is to contribute to humanity through high-impact AI research and engineering.

Robert Miles

Responsibly pushing the advancement of AI will be a major theme and point of discussion on your artificial intelligence path. Robert Miles is a great place to learn about Artificial Intelligence Safety Research.

As stated by Robert Miles, “AI safety research is humanity's best attempt to foresee the problems AI might pose and work out ways to ensure that our AI developments are safe and beneficial.”

Luis Serrano

Looking into AI education and you are sure to come across Udacity, an online school dedicated to teaching the technically curious about machine learning, AI, deep learning and much more.

As head of Data Science content at Udacity, Luis Serrano is an excellent source for those who want to explore some major components of AI.

His love for AI shows in his videos while discussing complex topics that are found in mathematics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The channel is also a great source for those who want a small taste of the Udacity program.


Mathematics will play a major role in your path to AI. If math was not your forte in school than 3 Blue 1 Brown is for you. With its engaging visuals, the channel’s creator works hard to convey complex mathematical topics in the simplest ways for viewers.

Topics like probability and statistics will be crucial to your understanding of AI. Come here if you need a little refresher.

Daniel Bourke

A hidden gem on YouTube, Daniel Bourke may have a story that you can relate to. Graduating in 2015 with a Dual Major in Food Science and Nutrition, Bourke’s original plan was to become a doctor. However, upon completing school Daniel quickly discovered his true calling, artificial intelligence.

Going back to school to learn anything is expensive. Nevertheless, the resourceful YouTuber, created his own at home AI curriculum, using the excellent resources available online, and began his path towards AI mastery.

For those looking to make the career switch into AI, Daniel Bourke’s YouTube channel is a great source of inspiration and a healthy reminder that it is possible. His energy is infectious and great place for those looking to forge their own path towards a career in artificial intelligence.

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